We value curiousity, creativity, dedication and delightful experiences. Through our work we want to contribute to a sustainable, open and diverse society. If you share our passion for this you will fit right in! We think that's way more important than your exact skill set or previous experiences.

Working at Hyperlab you get:
  • 6 hour workdays, with flexible hours
  • To work remotely, at our Gothenburg or Norrköping office
  • Paid time for developing your skills (courses, conferences, etc)
  • Paid gym card or similar fitness membership (friskvårdsbidrag)
  • All the hardware and software you need
  • 6 weeks of paid vacation per year
Available Positions

Front-end Developer

At Hyperlab we help startups and established companies create better products and services. We specialize in UI and UX design, and UI development for digital products and services. We also work with e-commerce, specializing in rich native-like web experiences.

We think that you:

  • Like problem-solving and well-written code
  • Have an eye for design and those oh-so-important details
  • Enjoy learning new technologies and developing your skills
  • Can work both independently and together with our team
  • Know HTML and CSS like the back of your hand
  • Have experience working with JavaScript

We’re really impressed if you also:

  • Have experience with React, or
  • Have worked with mobile app design or development, or
  • Have some experience working with back-end technologies like Node.js,
  • Python, PHP, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and/or Redis
  • Contribute to open source projects
  • Speak fluent Swedish

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in joining our team! Send us a short introduction, your resume and links to your GitHub account or something else you have been working on recently and we’ll get back to you!

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